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  1. 48 Tinman Tarmac 20UKD48_TinmanTSkins.zip
  2. 48 Tinman Shale 20UKD48_TinmanSSkins.zip
  3. #48 Tarmac & Shale skins sent via website upload tool, i think i uploaded one of them 2 times, sorry for that!
  4. SmiT car (#51Dylan maynard paintjob) still available, others are taken
  5. Thank you very much HGR gonna try
  6. Dunno Kevin, i had a G25 before but from the G25 to G29 is a big change
  7. Hi lads, Can somebody help me out plz, i'm really struggling with my new wheel (Logitech G29) Normally i don't ask for help in here but the driving and handling are terrible, i can't find the right settings and feeling. Can some one help me in the right direction with the G29 wheelsettings plz Cheers, Tinman
  8. My F2 skins Shale: 20UKD48_TinmanSSkins.zip Tarmac: 20UKD48_TinmanTSkins.zip
  9. My 2018 Tarmac car: 48eliteTSkins.zip and my 2019 Shale car: 48smiSSkins.zip
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