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  1. Nope, I installed a new hard disk in the computer last week and installed Windows10, rfactor, skinpacks and NIR track. Today i downloaded the Knockhill track from the ukdirt website to get it ready for Tomorrows meeting. So there is not much on my computer atm
  2. Thanks for ur reply Also not working Leek, i have this problem only with the knockhill track
  3. Hi Bryan, Thanks for ur repley, i tried all shader levels DX7, DX8,DX9 and Auto, still gives me the error
  4. Hi Lads, When loading the Knockhill TriOval track it gives a error : Gmotor 2 Error: loading texture for material LIGHTA & Global material LIGHTA Can somebody help me out plz. Cheers, Tinman
  5. Uploaded my Shale & Tarmac skins at Ukdirt webside
  6. Nickname: Tinman Number: H48 Grade: Blue Real life driver: 257 Timmy Aldridge
  7. f1's needs some tlc, new chassis and tracks, F1 mod is far behind. (Maybe some ppl working on this behind the scenes) Bring on the weather conditions and yellow flags
  8. Hi, i'm not racing Good Luck all Cheers Tinman
  9. Solved the isseu, so booking back in, if possible
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