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MEETING INFO: Cowdenbeath - Superbowl & Gordon Barclay Memorial (23/10/19)

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Tonight's meeting will be held at Cowdenbeath where we will be racing the Superbowl & Gordon Barclay Memorial.


We currently have 27 drivers booked and will be running all in!


Meeting Information

4 Heats
Superbowl (Grid based on Heats)
Gordon Barclay Memorial (Heat Laps Clutch Start Grid As Per AC) non points scoring closed grid



Start Time

Please be in chat at 8.20 for a prompt start at 8.30.



Please meet in Discord in the UKDirt Online Racing Server > race-meeting-chat.

At 8.20PM latest please meet in Discord in the UKDirt Online Racing Server > # "race-meeting-chat".
Please also join the voice chat "Race Meeting" even if you don't have a mic (or speakers?!), you must join this to race.
This is to allow the RM to take a register of who is present.
This is extremely helpful as a bookings list has to be created for the results and points to work properly.



Heats: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
Superbowl: 20,18,16,14,12,10,8,6,4,2
Gordon Barclay Memorial: Non Points Scoring
Allcomers: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1


Start Procedure

The starting procedure used for all races is as follows unless otherwise stated:

- When the lights go green (or the final buzzer has gone and countdown timer completed) drivers will make there way at a speed of less then 20mph to their starting position, as listed below and line up 2-a-breast.
- You must not pass drivers of your own grade.
- You must line up correctly without making contact with other cars, incidents will be dealt with the same way as if it were part of the race.
- Previous race winners during the meeting must start at the back of the grade.
Once drivers are in position the steward will ask if anyone is not ready. If nobody replies, Roll at 20 is called and the leader of the whites will roll at a steady 20mph for the rolling lap.
- Drivers at the front of each grade are to drive at approximately 20mph but ensure they keep their 4 to 6 cars distance to the grade in front.
Anytime after the leading white reaches the apex of turns 3 & 4 the steward will call GO GO GO and the race will be on.
- If for any reason the grid does not form properly after rolling, then a restart may be called.
- If there are persistent offenders that stop races being started they will be sent to the back of the grid or excluded.

- Starting positions approximately: - always follow instructions from meeting steward

    Whites: At the start / finish line
    Yellows: Exit of Turn 4
    Blues: Exit of Turn 3
    Red: Entry to Turn 3

- Anyone starting in the wrong place will be removed from the result, unless they have been specifically granted permission.


On Track Behavior

- Drivers must drive in the correct direction (clockwise) at all times.
- No use of the infield at any time, using the infield during a race will be classed as cutting.
- Excessive lap down attacks will be punished accordingly. This is defined as a maximum of two per race.
- Drivers found guilty of consistently lap down attacks will be punished accordingly.
- No talking once the race has started, and until all drivers have crossed the finishing line.
- If your car is damaged you may leave it on track but off the racing line.
- Do not leave the server during a race as this will cause warp. However if your car is sat on the top of the fence please press escape.
- Care is to be taken when rejoining the racing line following a spin and persistent carelessness in this respect will be punished.
- Individual drivers with a bad connection may be banned from the rest of the meeting if it causes a problem for other drivers.
- Wall riding is NOT permitted. If you are hit into the wall, you must back off the throttle and gain full control. You must not use the wall to steer the car around the turn, nor use it to gain a race advantage. Anyone found to do so may be docked places, excluded from the results, or have their meeting points removed.
- Jump-starts will be penalised by docking, 2 places or 2 places per car they jump.



- Drivers are graded at intervals throughout the season, please make sure you know what grade you are. Novice drivers to rFactor have been graded as white, where a driver races in another UKDirt rFactor mod they start from one grade below there highest grade i.e. Mike is red in F1s so drops to blue grade. If anyone believes they have been graded incorrectly please just say and we'll sort it out.


Skin Packs

- Please ensure you have the latest Skin Packs that can be found on the UKDirt Website.



You must have competed in at least 1 UKDirt Saloon Stockcar meeting prior to a championship meeting in order to be eligible for the championship race.


National Series

Please make sure you have checked the National Series information >>> HERE <<<<

For the National Series rounds the “champions” grade is suspended and the National Series drivers will start as their own grade at the back of the grid.
Drivers in this grade will line up in Reverse National Series Points Order for the Final Only (Whoever is leading the shootout will be right at the back).

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