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BOOKINGS: R7 - Bovingdon with Full Contact Challenge (8th May)

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Introducing a new track to rFactor UKDirt... Bovingdon!


Coming this Friday, the UKDirt Ministox give Bovingdon its opening meeting on UKDirt... 

This will count towards the Current Lockdown Ministox Series, but also see this a test meeting for Bovingdon for possible use in coming fixtures for our main rFactor formulas.

The Full Contact Challenge has been chosen as the one off race at the end of the night as a good way to see how contact, followins etc work around the track - again to test if Saloons could race here during the main season. Reminder it's an 8pm start for these and hopefully this should be something a little different!





Welcome to the UKDirt Friday Night Lockdown Ministox Series! 




Bookings close at 7:30pm on the night!


To 'bookin' or 'bookout' drivers must specify their Name, Number and Grade!

If you are unsure of your grade check the list here




Drivers Booked In (23 cars) :thumbup: 

As at Friday 7.30pm




16 Paul Aylward

50 WayneP

169 oneeyedgunner

234 lee pearce

320 Benjy

474 BeesFanDanny

529 Gimp



21 Skint

60 Charlie Mayle

281 Clayton

337 Tebbzz

355 Agrindey

611 Tom Newton



111 JoshW

146 Jack Aylward

147 MarkF

468 Braderzz

712 ErinnM



23 Charlie Aylward

80 ShayMurphMurphy

238 Susan Morgan

777 HGR

889 EllisR


Bovingdon Track Download

Edited by HGR#777

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468 blue

777 889 red

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