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INFO: R10 - CoronaSeries World Final, Challenge Series Finale & Gala Night (29th May)

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This coming Friday - Round 10 (29th May) will be the Finale of the Ministox CoronaSeries.

Cheers for supporting the Minis its been great fun to be involved with, now to make this Finale a great meeting i'm here for your suggestions and ideas...


Firstly, the big championship races will be based on the first 27/28 availiable drivers from the two points charts. 

Unless we get a big reserves list, bookings will be limited to 28 cars so book early to avoid missing out when the bookings go live.



Here is the current plan for that event which will be ran from Yarmouth based on your votes

Race 1: Allcommers - 12 laps usual start

Race 2: CoronaSeries World Final - 3 wide - 20 laps - top 27 drivers available from the series points with highest points scorer on pole

Race 3: CoronaSeries Challenge Final - Clutch Start Challenge - 16 laps - top 28 drivers available from the challenge points with highest scorer on pole

Race 4: CoronaSeries Teams Championship - random teams - 12 laps

Race 5: Full Contact Showdown, 4 wide start, closed grid - no oppo, no infielding or corner cutting - 12 laps


So firstly, i'm asking any further ideas? - if you do please PM me on here or discord, then if you can book in for the series finale here:


I hope to see you all around to end the season in style, Cheers!

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CoronaSeries World Final Grid based on the top 27 drivers in the points:

Row 1: @EllisR @Charlieaylward23 @HGR#777

Row 2: @wardy515 @shaymurphy80 @MarkFos

Row 3: @JoshW @BorisJNR @JackAylward146

Row 4: @Tebbzz @ErinnM712 @Kane238

Row 5: @TomDavison @Marc23 @Clayton

Row 6: Charlie Mayle @Bradleycooper468 @StannieH36

Row 7: @RichardFalkena141 @Austin156 @TomNewton611

Row 8: @Baker216 @Agrindey355 @Danny114

Row 9: @Trez @DAVROS158 @Evnos338



Reserves in order:  @Turner447 @Brunton985 @EgbertDHL @Hazlett920 @BeesFanDanny474 @martinjoy @Jordan @ZakGilmour122 @johandehaan @LewisW @Paulaylward @joejoejoe69 @Simpson653 @ShaneH57 @Gimp529 @hitman215 @Skint @D_DICKSON6 @Robjacklin @charlieg183 @CrashleyEngland846 @Charlie780 @EmieldeJong211 @Samjacklin @Jake691 @Chewy102 @AlexJacko




CoronaSeries Challenge Final Grid based on the top 28 drivers in the Challenge points:

(votes were 7 a peice between Clutch and Le Mans so vote went to the drivers that voted for Elimination race. Clutch came out on top)

Row 1: @EllisR @Bradleycooper468 @Charlieaylward23 @HGR#777

Row 2: @BorisJNR @JoshW @MarkFos @Kane238

Row 3: @Clayton @wardy515 @shaymurphy80 @BeesFanDanny474

Row 4: @joejoejoe69 @ErinnM712 @JackAylward146 @Marc23

Row 5: @Trez @Brunton985 @Hazlett920 @DAVROS158

Row 6: @TomNewton611 @RichardFalkena141 @StannieH36 @Baker216

Row 7: @LewisW @Danny114 @Simpson653 @ZakGilmour122



Reserves in order: @Agrindey355 @CrashleyEngland846 @ShaneH57 @Benjy320 @martinjoy400 @GTaylor @Paulaylward @Jordan @Charlie780 @TomDavison @Evnos338 @johandehaan 


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