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MEETING INFO: R9 - Skegness with Elimination Race Challenge

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Reminder - 8pm start! 


Hello and welcome to Skegness for Round 9 of the Friday Lockdown Series!

The final chance to gain positions or qualify for next weeks World and Challenge Finals!

Tonight features the Elimination Race at the end of the night...


Voting is still open for next week, the Challenge Finale Event is currently level on votes!




- Normal race rules apply

- No Swearing or abbreviating

- Zero Tolerance on idiocy!


Each driver should have 3 heats each!


(12 LAPS)

Heats 1 to 3 - All in


(16 LAPS)

A-Final: All in


(number of drivers minus 1 LAPS)

Elimination Race: single file clutch start in graded order, last place after each lap is eliminated!

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