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24/01/22 Nutts Corner - Irish Championship


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Welcome to the UKDirt Superstox Winter Series!


Registered drivers may use this thread to 'book in' and 'book out' of the upcoming meeting,

so please make sure you register a number before you book in!


Bookings are open to any registered driver not currently serving a ban. Anyone not currently

serving a UKDirt ban may signup, register and race in this series.


To 'book in' or 'book out' drivers must specify their Name, Number and Grade!

Bookings may be refused if this information isn't clearly stated.


If you are unsure of your grade check the list here


Drivers Booked In... ( 5 cars )











68 Thornton

94 Mikey Lithgow




147 MarkF


Superstars and Champions


143 Cammy

910 Niall


Bookings close at 7:30PM on race day!

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