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This is the Messer thread - (the following is from the UK Dirt rules)


A 'messer' is someone who messes us about

Examples are:

  • Booking in for a meeting, but not attending.
  • Talking un-necessarily in races.
  • Not shutting up after being asked politely
  • Spamming the forum
  • Persistent warping during meeting races
  • And other dis-courteous actions.
  • You are allowed 3 messer events, after which you will recieve a 1 week ban from all formula.
  • Once a messer, always a messer. After the first ban, it will be repeated after every 2 messer events.
  • Swearing, abuse, and racing incidents are not messer events, and will be dealt with seperately


Many thanks ........... Wrighty (on behalf of the UK Dirt formula admins)

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F1 Stoke 14/03/2019


13 UKLucky
15 Fruitshoot

451 JamieGwin

784 the blacksmith
882 phil
79 weeryan

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