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2023 Annual Membership Fees


A membership is required to race online in the UKDirt leagues which runs from 1st March to 28th February each year.

We have just upgraded the high specification dedicated race server for the 2023 season which ensures we continue to have one of the best race servers available for UK rFactor online league racing.

In order to cover the costs of the dedicated race server, the annual membership fee has been maintained at £10 which covers the period 1st March 2023 to 29th February 2024.


PLEASE PAY YOUR MEMBERSHIP FEE BY 28th FEBRUARY 2023 if you plan to race in any of the leagues in 2023.


The preferred method for payment is PAYPAL or Bank Transfer.

Please send Paypal payment to sales@ukdirt.co.uk stating your Nickname and using "friends or family" as that will help keep our fees down.
Direct Bank Deposit/Internet Bank Transfer (PM for details)
Cheque/Postal Order (PM for details)


Lifetime memberships were previously awarded to MC, Kev, Leek, Counter and James for all the behind scenes work they have done to keep the websites and racing alive over many years, with honorary memberships continuing for Danskin, Grasser, Stumpy, Wardieee and Sam G.
In addition, the Head Admin of each league will also be awarded their membership each year they remain Head Admin to acknowledge all the hard work required to keep their league alive and kicking.


Membership is only open to those who are not on a UKDirt Life Time Ban. Everyone else is welcome to join.




Anyone who wishes to help additionally with the running costs of UKDirt is more than welcome to do so by way of a donation.


Our preferred method for donations is via Paypal using the link: Donate! stating your Nickname and using "friends or family" as that will help keep the fees down. You will also find Donate buttons on the UKDirt homepage, in the Member Area on the UKDirt website or use the Donate tab at the top of the forum.


Social Links:-

UKDirt Facebook Page

UKDirt Youtube Channel

UKDirt Twitch Channel

UKDirt Discord Channel

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