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  3. NZ Superstocks 2022/23 Points Table after Round 1 - Palmerston North Champion of Champions qualifiers Niall 87r BraderzzCooper 56v
  4. Please book in below for the NZ Grand Prix at Waikaraka! Bookings will close at 8.30pm on the night. Please be in Discord/Server 10 minutes before start time for gridding! New members are welcome and the practice server is up all week leading up to the meeting. For server info and password, please register HERE and wait for your profile to be accepted. Please message me for any issues. Also please join our UKDirt Discord Channel for all other info HERE Book in using your name and NZ number. If you are new, the Driver list is HERE to pick one from Bookings: 1 HGR 85h
  5. Thanks for racing. Well done to all winners. Results: Heat 1: 89c 1p 87r 591p 56v 11a 5w 55r 1nz 2nz 48n 85h 8b 24p 64p 135r 68r 75a 3p 57p 24m 99r 29b 19c Heat 2: 85h 591p 87r 2nz 29b 56v 11a 89c 1nz 55r 57p 24m 3p 64p 8b 48n 31p 1p 5w 68r 135r 24p 75a 10p Heat 3: 87r 11a 1nz 89c 57p 2nz 24m 64p 56v 68r 1p 5w 24p 55r 591p 3p 85h 29b 75a 8b 390gb 31p 135r 10p Heat 4: 85h 11a 55r 89c 56v 2nz 64p 57p 87r 591p 8b 3p 1nz 68r 31p 29b 135r 5w 390gb 24m 75a 24p 10p 32p Heat 5: 1nz 89c 1p 55r 3p 2nz 591p 56v 64p 85h 87r 68r 5w 3nz 24m 29b 390gb 75a 57p 8b 24p 11a 77p 10p Stephen Penn Memorial: 87r 56v 1nz 2nz 64p 24m 55r 57p 11a 85h 5w 3nz 1p 89c 68r 3p 29b 8b 135r 10p 75a 48n 32p 24p Survivor: 56v Points: 228 pts 87r Niall 215 pts 56v BraderzzCooper 212 pts 2nz Jack Ward 211 pts 1nz Kane 205 pts 89c EllisR 199 pts 55r Ranny Doss 195 pts 11a Agrindey 191 pts 85h HGR 189 pts 64p CharlieGuinchard 173 pts 57p Tosh 165 pts 24m BenChambers 161 pts 5w Trez 156 pts 1p chesterlove 155 pts 3p Tomdavison 149 pts 68r Nobby 142 pts 591p Tsjalle 140 pts 29b Frans 137 pts 8b ConnorGL 112 pts 24p Ross McLaughlin 111 pts 75a TomG 101 pts 135r Badeend 92 pts 10p Harry Bruce 84 pts 390gb DOBSY 73 pts 48n sharky 70 pts 3nz Cameron 65 pts 31p Davros 49 pts 32p Kayyyy Owwww 25 pts 99r Ethan 13 pts 77p GingerAzza 12 pts 19c Nutta MESSERS 92r Rowan Farrell The replays are here!
  6. Evening all, Welcome to the first meeting of the NZ Superstocks season, we're racing at Palmerston North tonight for the Stephen Penn Memorial. There are 31 cars booked in for tonight. You must be in Discord at 8:50pm, otherwise you WILL miss batch file gridding and start last for all heats. Heats 1 to 5 - 15 laps 5 minute break for points Stephen Penn Memorial - 25 laps Survivor - 20 laps, 100% damage Please be aware of the clarifications of the rules since the 19/20 season: You cannot come to a complete stop to wait for any driver Blocking & Pinning is BANNED in all races apart from the Survivor, however lap down hits are allowed The rest of the rules are on the forum, which must be read before the meeting!
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