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  2. Hi all, In preparation for the 2024 UKDirt rFactor Saloon Season I will be making a new Tarmac + Shale Skin Pack. I WILL NOT BE INCLUDING SKINS FROM LAST YEAR. (but I can include them if requested) If you want / need to upload a SSC tarmac skin, please upload your skins to this thread ANYONE RACING IN A NOVICE SKIN WILL NEED TO SUBMIT A SKIN, ANYONE WHO DOES NOT DO SO MAY HAVE THEIR BOOKINGS REFUSED The following have previously raced and need to submit skins: I need skins submitted asap as these drivers have raced several times without skins: The deadline is Sunday 3rd March Mid Night. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE INCLUDED EACH ROOF GRADE - THERE WILL NOT NECESSARILY BE A SKIN PACK AFTER GRADING CHANGES. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CORRECTLY NAMED YOUR FILES AND HAVE FILLED OUT YOUR VEH FILE PROPERLY PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL 2024 SKINS MUST HAVE BLACK NUMBERS ON WHITE BACKGROUND, NUMBERS HAVE TO BE CLEARLY SEEN ON YOUR CAR!!! If you want to change your chassis/colour scheme this is now the time to do it as there are no more chassis/colour scheme changes throughout the season, 1 car per season. The following screenshots will show you all how to name the files put in the folder, also regarding the roof colours being painted on cars. PS Skins can be sent in at the default size of the template but no BIGGER This is how the roof should be painted although if you wish you can have your grade down the pillars on the car. TARMAC: This is how the main tarmac files should be named. This is how the files in the skins folder should be named SHALE: This is how the main shale files should be named. This is how the files in the skins folder should be named Skins received so far:
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  4. Tarmac : Attached Shale : Same as last season Thank you :) UK Dirt 525 F1 Tarmac.zip
  5. A membership is required to race online in the UKDirt leagues which runs from 1st March to 28th February each year. To cover the costs of the race servers, site and forum, the annual membership fee has been reduced to £5 which covers the period 1st March 2024 to 28th February 2025. PLEASE PAY YOUR MEMBERSHIP FEE BY 28th FEBRUARY 2024 if you plan to race in any of the leagues in 2024. The preferred method for payment is PAYPAL or Bank Transfer. Please send Paypal payment to sales@ukdirt.co.uk stating your Nickname and using "friends or family" as that will help keep our fees down. or Direct Bank Deposit/Internet Bank Transfer (PM for details) or Cheque/Postal Order (PM for details) Lifetime memberships were previously awarded to MC, Kev, Leek, Counter and James for all the behind scenes work they have done to keep the websites and racing alive over many years, with honorary memberships continuing for Danskin, Grasser, Stumpy, Wardieee and Sam G. In addition, the Head Admin of each league will also be awarded their membership each year they remain Head Admin to acknowledge all the hard work required to keep their league alive and kicking. The following members have already paid their 2024 membership Fees: MartinB, YOUNGK, Reubenkernohan, EllieDouglas and PeteC. Membership is only open to those who are not on a UKDirt Life Time Ban. Everyone else is welcome to join.
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  7. Skinpack Deadline: 02/03/24 8pm Please send the skins via the upload page on the website or on this thread, any skins that are sent via Discord will not be accepted for any skinpacks. - Novice skins will not be permitted in championship races. - If a replica skin is being used then the real drivers name and number (if different) must be replaced with your UKDirt number at least. - Novice cars are available for any member without their own custom skin (but these are not for extended periods of use). - Chassis use is surface dependent: - Tarmac cars: EliteT, FaldingT, flcsT, flt, fwjT, LundT, MurrayT, smithT, smithX, WainmanT, WainmanX, YarrowT. - Shale cars: EliteS, FaldingS, flcs, LundS, MurrayS, SmithS, StuS, WainmanS, YarrowS. - Members are asked to submit their own custom skins to race for the season (paint your own, or use the Skin Painting section on the UKDirt Forum to make a request). - Members should submit skins (tarmac and shale) of all (white, yellow, blue, red) roof grades, these should all use the same base car design (tarmac and shale may differ). - There is a skin painting and saving/converting guide on the UKDirt website, additional further recommendations are available on the UKSOM website. - Rules relating to signs and appearance: - The roof grade on each skin should be clear, and not in doubt. - No swearing, obscene images or any other paint/signs intended to cause dispute/offence. - Correct upgrades (to match painted skin) should be used (e.g. roof type, bonnet upgrades, etc). - Superstar lights should only be used by superstars. - Members are permitted to change chassis twice on each surface during the course of the season. - Members without correctly graded skins will be required to start at the back, a grade gap behind the superstars. - Skins will only be released in official UKDirt F1 skinpack installation files. - It should go without saying, but it is not acceptable to “rip-off” skins or signs that others have painted… issues of this nature will be dealt with by disciplinary process. Skins Received:
  8. Thanks for racing tonight and all season. Well done to all winners. Results: Heat 1: 299c 2nz 29b 51m 84w 16c 85h 55r 6m 52p 591p 56v 1nz 16b 11a Heat 2: 6m 1nz 16c 85h 51m 29b 55r 84w 2nz 299c 16b 64p 56v 591p Heat 3: 2nz 51m 1nz 11a 84w 85h 6m 16b 16c 55r 299c 56v Heat 4: 16c 299c 85h 1nz 6m 55r 29b 64p 52p 2nz 84w 56v 591p Heat 5: 6m 1nz 85h 52p 591p 2nz 55r 84w 16b 64p 29b 16c 56v 299c A-Final: 85h 1nz 51m 591p 52p 55r 6m 16c 64p 299c 29b 2nz 56v Survivor: 29b Champion of Champions: 51m 1nz 299c 6m 2nz 85h 29b 11a 56v 64p Points: 232 pts 85h HGR 224 pts 1nz chesterlove 215 pts 6m JanBauke 205 pts 16c NielsR 202 pts 55r DannyRoss 200 pts 2nz Kane 194 pts 299c Tomdavison 167 pts 29b Frans 165 pts 591p Tsjalle 164 pts 56v BraderzzCooper 163 pts 51m Liam Rennie 147 pts 52p Crashley England 143 pts 84w Jack Ward 132 pts 64p CharlieGuinchard 102 pts 16b Jorrit 53 pts 11a Agrindey The replays are here!
  9. Evening all, Welcome to the sixteenth meeting of the NZ Superstocks season, we're racing at Bay Park tonight for the Champion of Champions. There are 20 cars booked in for tonight. You must be in the server at 8:20pm, otherwise you WILL miss batch file gridding and start last for all heats. Heats 1 to 5 - 15 laps 5 minute break for points A Final - 25 laps Survivor - 20 laps, 100% damage Champion of Champions - 20 laps Please be aware of the clarifications of the rules since the 19/20 season: You cannot come to a complete stop to wait for any driver Blocking & Pinning is BANNED in all races apart from the Survivor, however lap down hits are allowed The rest of the rules are on the forum and UKDirt discord, which must be read before the meeting!
  10. UK Dirt Cash Statement January-24 Income Server Fees £30.00 Bank Int Donations £0.00 £30.00 Expenditure Paypal Charges £1.77 Server Charges Hosting Charges £12.00 Sponsorship Misc(Stat,post etc) Increase in Funds £16.23 £30.00 New Members 1 Renewals 18
  11. Please book in below for the sixteenth meeting of the 2023/24 NZ Superstock Winter Series - The Champion of Champions at Bay Park! Bookings will close at 8.20pm on the night. Please be in Discord/Server 10 minutes before start time for gridding! New members are welcome and the practice server is up all week leading up to the meeting. For server info and password, please register HERE and wait for your profile to be accepted. Please message me for any issues. Also please join our UKDirt Discord Channel for all other info HERE Book in using your name and NZ number. If you are new, the Driver list is HERE to pick one from Bookings: 20 Kane 2NZ DannyRoss 55r HGR 85h Tomdavison 299c BraderzzCooper 56v JanBauke 6m Kincaid 88r Ryan Rutherford 69p Crashley England 52p Charlie Guinchard 64p EllisR 89c Agrindey 11a Burnsy 7p Jenson 3p Tsjalle 591p Frans 29b NielsR 16c Jack Ward 84w chesterlove 1NZ Jorrit 16b
  12. Heat Points: Panthers - 63 Tigers - 55 Eagles - 37 Kings - 26 Rebels - 7 Semi 1 - Panthers, Kings Semi 2 - Tigers, Eagles Teams Final - Panthers, Tigers Teams Revenge Race: Christchurch Glen Eagles Palmerston North Panthers - BraderzzCooper, EllisR, Guinch, Niall Nelson Tigers - Kane, chesterlove, Danny, Tsjalle Christchurch Glen Eagles - HGR, Tomdavison, Agrindey, Liam Rennie We return to normal racing this Thursday for the last meeting of the season at Bay Park for the Champion of Champions! The replays are here!
  13. Welcome to the 2024 NZ Teams Championship! MEETING INFO We'll be running from ONE server tonight, there is some extra info below even for our regulars. Please ensure EVERYONE is in the server by 8:25pm so we can crack on as early as possible. Firstly, your in-game name must be in the following format: EaglesHGR, RebelsFrans, TiggersKane etc. You may use any chassis in that team available. Cars can be found under the "Teams" section when in-game. Discord will have specific voice channels for your team, please use them. Blocking, pinning, waiting and not moving is allowed for the meeting. Remember: No oppo, No wall riding, No infielding, No reversing, Two wheels max on the curb. You must not force another driver into the infield. If we see anyone doing this, you will be punished individually and as a team. MEETING FORMAT Meeting format is that every team will race each other once in the heats - round robin style. The top 4 drivers in each heat will score points 1st: 10 2nd: 5 3rd: 3 4th: 1 Heat Gridding and Calling The team called first in their respective heat will have the inside (ie: Tigers vs Rebels. Tigers would have inside). Each team will have roughly the same number of heats inside and outside. There will be 1 formation lap to get the grid together. We will line up on the home straight. Teams are to grid alternatively on each row. For example for the race: Tigers vs Rebels.. Inside - Outside Tigers Rebels Rebels Tigers Tigers Rebels Rebels Tigers We have randomly drawn the order for the Teams. RACE FORMAT Points Calculations for the top four teams to set the semi-finals. Semi Final 1 = 1st place team vs 4th place team (10 laps) Semi Final 2 = 2nd place team vs 3rd place team (10 Laps) ENZED Teams Championship Final = Semi Final 1 Winner vs Semi Final 2 Winner (15 Laps) Teams Revenge Race - all cars, 20 laps Please be in #Race-Control for 8.15pm so we can crack on with the meeting ASAP!
  14. New updated Skinpack for the Teams meeting is in the main post.
  15. Thanks for racing. Well done to all winners. Results: Heat 1: 299c 7p 1nz 52p 11a 591p 16c 84w 2nz 6m 55r 10a 84gb 88r 29b 16b 56v 87r 414a 69p Heat 2: 299c 16c 84w 1nz 10a 2nz 55r 84gb 6m 52p 7p 29b 16b 88r 414a 87r 69p 591p Heat 3: 2nz 299c 16b 84gb 84w 10a 6m 52p 16c 1nz 7p 87r 55r 56v 29b 88r 64p 414a Heat 4: 56v 84gb 6m 16b 1nz 2nz 16c 52p 7p 299c 55r 84w 10a 87r 591p 29b Heat 5: 2nz 1nz 84w 52p 10a 55r 16c 84gb 16b 299c 29b 56v 7p 591p Bay of Plenty: 10a 84gb 52p 2nz 16c 6m 55r 299c 591p 84w 1nz 7p 16b 64p 56v 29b 87r Survivor: 10a Points: 221 pts 2nz Kane 214 pts 10a Trez 213 pts 84gb Fred Green 212 pts 299c Tomdavison 212 pts 52p Crashley England 210 pts 16c NielsR 206 pts 1nz chesterlove 201 pts 84w Jack Ward 190 pts 55r DannyRoss 182 pts 7p Burnsy 181 pts 16b Jorrit 175 pts 6m JanBauke 151 pts 29b Frans 145 pts 591p Tsjalle 142 pts 56v BraderzzCooper 122 pts 87r Niall 64 pts 88r Kincaid 63 pts 64p CharlieGuinchard 56 pts 414a Cameron 35 pts 69p Ryan Rutherford 31 pts 11a Agrindey The replays are here!
  16. Evening all, Welcome to the fourteenth meeting of the NZ Superstocks season, we're racing at Kihikihi tonight for the Bay of Plenty. There are 23 cars booked in for tonight. You must be in the server at 8:20pm, otherwise you WILL miss batch file gridding and start last for all heats. Heats 1 to 5 - 15 laps 5 minute break for points Bay of Plenty - 25 laps Survivor - 20 laps, 100% damage Please be aware of the clarifications of the rules since the 19/20 season: You cannot come to a complete stop to wait for any driver Blocking & Pinning is BANNED in all races apart from the Survivor, however lap down hits are allowed The rest of the rules are on the forum and UKDirt discord, which must be read before the meeting!
  17. A driver needing a team? A team needing a driver? Sort it out here!
  18. WELCOME TO THE 2024 ENZED SUPERSTOCK TEAMS CHAMPIONSHIP! "The Greatest Show On Dirt!" General Info: BLOCKING, PINNING AND STOPPING ARE PERMITTED AND ENCOURAGED IN TEAM EVENTS! Teams are to be made up of 4 members, ALL 4 MEMBERS MUST BE NOMINATED WHEN BOOKING IN STATING WHICH TEAM YOU WANT. Teams will be given on a first come first served basis. If you do not nominate 4 members initially, it will not be accepted. NOTE: Priority will be given to teams previously entered in past events, We reserve the right to alter team allocations at any time. A discord channel will be created in the UK Dirt server for your team to use throughout the night. There is a separate thread up for drivers who are looking for a team and for teams looking for drivers. Look HERE Format: Format will depend on the amount of teams, but generally there will be a round robin of heats (10 laps) with every team racing each other once or twice, then semi-finals for the top 4 scoring teams (10 laps), 3rd place play-off (10 laps) and then the Grand Final (15 laps) There will also be a end of meeting Teams Revenge race, which will include all teams in a Survivor rules, 20 lap race. First across the line or still running the winner Heat Points: 1st - 10 2nd - 5 3rd - 3 4th - 1 Finals: 1st car across the line is the winner for their team. Please book in below with your full team - ALL 4 DRIVERS MUST BE NOMINATED! Baypark Busters Christchurch Glen Eagles - HGR, Tomdavison, Agrindey, Liam Rennie Great British Lions Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes Kihikihi Kings - Jack Ward, Cameron, Lewis, BenChambers Manawatu Mustangs Nelson Tigers - Kane, chesterlove, DannyRoss, Tsjalle Palmerston North Panthers - BraderzzCooper, EllisR, Niall, Charlie Guinchard Rotorua Rebels - Frans, JanBauke, Jorrit, goofy Stratford Scrappers Waikato Wanderers Wanganui Warriors
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