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  1. We are now collecting new and updated skins for the 2019/20 Superstox skinpack 7 A FEW SIMPLE RULES 1: NUMBERS - numbers must be BLACK ON WHITE the white outline MUST be big enough to make the BLACK stand out (no fancy inlay colours please) 2: The whole roof must be painted in the grade colour. 3: SAVING - YOU MUST SAVE ALL SUPERSTOX FILES IN DXT1 NOT DXT5 4: FILE NAMES - please name your car files based on these templates: 5: NO STUPID MULTI COLOURED WHEELS! main file/veh - UKDirtSS180 (your number not mine!!) other files - use the above but just add the grade colour to the end i.e. UKDirtSS180red or UKDirtSS180SS etc 6: ROOF COLOURS - i remind you that the roof grades are RED, BLUE, YELLOW AND WHITE NOT BROWN, PURPLE, GREEN AND GREY - if the colour you have chosen is not deemed to be correct admin will fix it themselves, or REFUSE it 7: GRADE COLOUR - Your grade colour must be painted on the top of the CAB and on both WING END PLATES (Please visit the 2019/20 Rules and Regulations for more info! 8: Any driver racing with a skin that shows there incorrect grade will be forced to start all races from the rear of the grid, until a skin is submitted in a skin pack. I think you will find these are very simple rules but many seem to struggle with them, if i have to go through and fix skins to fit these rules myself i can not promise the results will be pretty - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Any questions regarding any of the above please PM me and ask BEFORE sending your skins in. Send your skins directly to me via PM or post them to THIS thread DEADLINE FOR SKINS IS MIDNIGHT SATURDAY 25TH JANUARY 2020!!!
  2. Updated! 143 - Irish added 691 up to Champion - British added 479 up to Yellow - 2 race wins from White in a single meeting
  3. Updated after Round 6 at Nutts Corner
  4. Skinpack 6 has been released!
  5. Updated after Ringwood 125 - 2 WEEK BAN 202 - 2 WEEK BAN 455 - 2 WEEK BAN
  6. Thanks for racing. Well done to tonights winners, especially Niall 87r on winning the North Island Championship and the Survivor, well done to Fake Wardy 2nz on top point scoring! Results: Heat 1: 2nz 46n 89c 52p 19p 55r 98p 91b 29b 1nz 9p 96m 36a 73a 39p 68r 78r Heat 2: 1nz 89c 46n 52p 98p 9p 91b 29b 55r 2nz 36a 591p 19p 39p 73a Heat 3: 52p 55r 91b 2nz 96m 29b 9p 89c 98p 46n 1nz 78r 390gb 39p 591p 36a 19p Heat 4: 91b 2nz 46n 55r 1nz 98p 9p 29b 19p 89c 96m 36a 73a 87r 591p 52p Heat 5: 36a 2nz 91b 98p 55r 9p 52p 1nz 89c 19p 87r 73a 46n 96m 591p 390gb North Island Championship: 87r 91b 2nz 52p 29b 55r 46n 591p 98p 36a 1nz 89c 96m 9p 19p Survivor: 87r Points: 227 pts 2nz Fake Wardy 226 pts 91b Kane 214 pts 55r Jake 212 pts 52p Ashley England 207 pts 46n Marten 203 pts 98p Skint 196 pts 89c EllisR 195 pts 1nz HGR 187 pts 9p Tomdavison 179 pts 36a Tosh 175 pts 29b Frans 168 pts 19p Ryan Simpson 148 pts 96m Kev Harbord 143 pts 591p Tsjalle 117 pts 87r Niall 90 pts 73a Kyle Young 65 pts 39p Jouke 43 pts 390gb BraderzzCooper 43 pts 78r The Stig 20 pts 68r Hitman
  7. Updated! New changes after Grading Period 2
  8. Congratulations to those upgraded, commiserations to those down graded! Up to Superstar Up to Red 777 924 Up to Blue 202 Up to Yellow Down to Red Down to Blue 468 Down to Yellow Down to White 125 454
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