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  1. This download will be needed for this Wednesday's meeting (25/09) World of Shale It is just zipped up with no exe so you can simply extract the contents to rFactor/GameData/Locations http://www.ukdirt.co.uk/Downloads/tracks/RF/Sexbierum.zip
  2. Thanks you made me qualify for shootout, thank god for your internet!
  3. great racing and some great shots from every1 as well, best meeting in a while
  4. Have u made sure the password is less than 8 characters long and in the requirements
  5. U can't buy 25s or 27s anymore unless it's from eBay but I wouldn't suggest getting a 2nd hand wheel
  6. Pretty much the same, g29 just got more buttons on and the wheels much more smooth
  7. Only meant to be 3. Bad copy and pasting skills
  8. your not installing them correctly then, how are u installing it exactly?
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