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  1. Bookings, rules and grades can be found here- https://www.ukdirt.co.uk/ Please make sure you understand them! The next meeting is:
  2. Strange, normally on happens when the number has been taken before Have you made the F1 circle go black before doing it?
  3. *ive just sent another new one shale one in can that be used instead plz ive also attached it here so its definitely this one 777wainS.zip
  4. Tom has just sent in an updated shale one can that be used pleased
  5. If theirs a little job that needs doing give me a shout but i dont have time to do a lot
  6. HGR#777


    Run as an administrator
  7. Is this a generalization or just something more specific as I cant say I remember seeing any oppo or waiting on people in F1s or F2s that had been seen and gone un-punished? This is exactly what I was telling you in my PM leek. Hopefully it makes more sense now
  8. Nah on the acctual grid I'm inside 3. How come I get dropped a position to outside 3 and then tom junps a whole row?
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