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  1. 21/22 Winner: 777 Harry Graham Details for the 22/23 season: Click HERE to Auto-Join Or use the code: 8xolt9
  2. Updated after Northampton Shale - 4th May 468 - 1DP
  3. same as last year just without shootout stripes777WainSred.dds
  4. We’re aware that some people are having issues getting onto the main website and forum, please message me or kane to book in. As a result people will appear on the bookings without us commenting below
  5. Please book in for the final meeting of the season - The Champion of Champions at Bay Park! Bookings will close at 8pm on the night! Champ of Champs Race is the last race of the night, you still have chance to Qualify through the nights Final & Survivor: Qualification: World 240 Champion, Final winners, Survivor winners (inc Teams Revenge) and ENZED Team Champions Championship: Standalone race at the end of the meeting, random grid order, 3 cars wide, ran over 20 laps Be aware you need to be in Discord at 8.20pm, if you are late you will start at the back of every heat due to the batch file gridding New members are welcome and the practice server is up all week leading up to the meeting. For server info and password, please register HERE and wait for your profile to be accepted. Also please join our UKDirt Discord Channel for all other info HERE Book in using your name and NZ number. If you are new, the Driver list is HERE to pick one from Bookings: 15 HGR 85h Nobby 68r ConnorGL 8b Cammy 3nz Niels 16c Kanye 1nz Guinchard 10p Tsjalle 591p Jack Ward 2nz Trez 5w BraderzzCooper 56v Frans 29b chesterlove 1p Stannie 36a Tomdavison 3p
  6. Evening all, Welcome to the penultimate meeting of the NZ Superstocks season, we're racing at Gisborne tonight for the Clash Finale There are 15 cars booked in for tonight. You must be in Discord at 8.20pm, otherwise you WILL miss batch file gridding and start last for all heats. Heats 1 to 5 - 15 laps 5 minute break for points The Clash Finale - 25 laps, 3 wide Survivor - 20 laps, 100% damage Please be aware of the clarifications of the rules since the 19/20 season: You cannot come to a complete stop to wait for any driver Blocking & Pinning is BANNED in all races apart from the Survivor, however lap down hits are allowed The rest of the rules are on the forum, which must be read before the meeting!
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