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  1. The upcoming meeting at Skegness for the UK Open Championship on the 7th July has been cancelled due to Euro 2020 and a replacement date for this meeting will not be found. The UK Open Championship will be added to the Bristol event the following week and will be run as an extra race after the normal meeting final. The 2021 UKDirt Saloon Stockcar season will now run through 38 meetings as opposed to 39. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  2. Hi all, James will be making a new Skin Pack in time for the meeting 14/07/21 Bristol WR5 & UK Open If you want / need to upload a SSC tarmac skin, please upload your skins to this thread ANYONE RACING IN A NOVICE SKIN WILL NEED TO SUBMIT A SKIN, ANYONE WHO DOES NOT DO SO MAY HAVE THEIR BOOKINGS REFUSED The following have previously raced and need to submit skins: 124, 284, 285, 287, 532, 739, 787, 808 I need skins submitted asap as these drivers have raced several times without skins: 124, 284, 285, 532, 787 The deadline is Sunday 11th July Mid Night. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE INCLUDED EACH ROOF GRADE - THERE WILL NOT NECESSARILY BE A SKIN PACK AFTER GRADING CHANGES. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CORRECTLY NAMED YOUR FILES AND HAVE FILLED OUT YOUR VEH FILE PROPERLY PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL 2021 SKINS MUST HAVE BLACK NUMBERS ON WHITE BACKGROUND, NUMBERS HAVE TO BE CLEARLY SEEN ON YOUR CAR!!! If you want to change your chassis/colour scheme this is now the time to do it as there are no more chassis/colour scheme changes throughout the season, 1 car per season. The following screenshots will show you all how to name the files put in the folder, also regarding the roof colours being painted on cars. PS Skins can be sent in at the default size of the template but no BIGGER This is how the roof should be painted although if you wish you can have your grade down the pillars on the car. TARMAC: This is how the main tarmac files should be named. This is how the files in the skins folder should be named SHALE: This is how the main shale files should be named. This is how the files in the skins folder should be named Skin Pack Contains: 114, 238, 532, 713, 889, 966
  3. Updated after Kings Lynn 201 - 2dp + 2 place docking heat 2210 - 18dp242 - 1dp265 - 4dp355 - 2dp416 - 9dp + 4 place docking Heat 2461 - 5dp + 2 place docking allcommers468 - 14dp691 - 1dp + 2 place docking heat 3 + 2 place docking heat 4 + 4 place docking British + 2 place docking Allcommers721 - 24dp966 - 27dp
  4. Updated after Barford 355 - 4DP 966 - 1DP
  5. Updated after Lelystad 242 - 3DP 311 - 13DP 482 - 2DP 774 - 5DP 966 - 2DP
  6. Updated after Nutts Corner 242 - 1DP 955 - 1DP
  7. Updated after Arena Essex 242 - 1dp
  8. Updated after Yarmouth - 24th March 210 - 3dp 265 - 3dp
  9. Updated after Kings Lynn - 10th March - The Bumper Trophy 201 - 1DP 284 - 1DP
  10. Saloons - Bradford (Tarmac) - 'Return of Odsal' - 3rd March 614 Sam Critchley 730 CHA 751 calsmyjamie
  11. Nope it is ok, when you join Discord try and join with your UKDirt username if you can
  12. Have a look the UKDirt website. Go league information across the top and then Getting Started in the drop down
  13. Saloon Stock Cars will once again be back hitting the tracks in 2021. We look forward to some quality payed racing this year and a few adjustments to the league outlined below is just to ensure that will be the case. We will be kicking things off on the 3rd of March at Bradford (Tarmac), running weekly, every Wednesday night at 8.20pm in Discord for an 8.30pm start. Changes to Saloons in 2021: Whites and Yellows will be ran over 12 rounds. The points collected will set the grid for a Whites and Yellows Finale race at the end of the year. Track Limits of 24 for the following: Aldershot, Barford, Bristol, Taunton and Westworld*subject to meeting format and bookings New Disciplinary System: https://ukdirtforum.com/topic/47315-ukdirt-ssc-2021-disciplinary/ Skinpack Collection 1: Fixtures: Bookings are already open for the first meeting on the UKDirt Website, see you on track!
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