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  1. Sorry guys... completely forgot! Really need to get back into the swing of it!
  2. Cheers. I had no issues with the G27 so i'll look on eBay. Looks like they are £100 notes cheaper than a new G29. Thanks HGR! Hopefully fencing you soon!
  3. I sold all my stuff when I retired about 5 he ago. I used Logitech g27... Are these still the best to use? What's the g29 like? I'll be mainly racing F1s.
  4. Wanted - G27 / G29 Wheel- PM me if you have one for sale. Cheers Southy
  5. r u still using these Hi, I retired back in June 2013 and they were pretty good setups then. I could easily get times close to the top guys and had pretty good results especially on shale. I have lost total touch with the mod so there is probably a new version and the setups may or may not work but they should still form a great base. I retired due to new job and since then got one of the baby things! But now hes a few years old and finally getting nearer the end of my house developments the last thing is to furnish my office with a high spec PC....whether of not i have time to race who knows....
  6. WD Tom. You after Speaky's record? Yes, i still keep my eye on here.... Great race to watch, well done all.
  7. I sold mine for £180 8 months, should easily get £160.
  8. You mean even I'm not a member of that club yet....?
  9. Congrats on your son mate! Great working in the admin team with you! Join the retirement club. Its not that bad....
  10. Thanks Jamie, Dan looked to have an easy race.
  11. Join the retirement club Johno! lol I was speaking to TomD, thebagoo and Jack at Stoke and mentioned I missed the racing until I sold my PC and G27. After they was sold I honestly haven't missed the racing. if you still keep the wheel you'll find your back lol Goodluck in your future and it was great racing against you Johno!
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