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  1. Found that if you flatten the whole pds skin first it then works!
  2. Cheers Samson, does the same, even replaced the dds extension plugin file. Ah well...i'll pick a different chassis.
  3. Hi, Spare room for gaming not finished as i need electrician back in but in the meantime I've been sorting my tarmac F1 car. I've have been trying to convert my updated SmiT skin from pds to dds but get an error saying its unsupported format. Tried it with a fresh new template and get the same. Any other chassis seems to work fine. Any ideas?
  4. Just seen a topic on Stoxnet which lead my to thinking, is there any reason (except time to develop) why we don't have likes of Aycliffe, Crewe, Hartlepool, and of course long Eaton.
  5. Sorry, need to book out. New wheel not been delivered yet...keyboard racing is pants! lol
  6. Sorted...was still connected to works VPN!
  7. Hi, little rusty on this but I have tried joining the server for practice using the links on the website plus joining from within rFactor and it wont find the server or says join timeout. Any ideas?
  8. Tarmac car..just few more tweaks before it goes to the skinpack.
  9. Hi Anyone got a copy of the coach lines for the FWJT chassis? Tried doing some but they look naff! Cheers Southy
  10. Cant see that image for some reason but its the only RCE one i have mate. Cheers.
  11. Will this do Tinman? rce.psd
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