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Help with managing Rfactor mods please??


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Hi All, 


I have had a quick search but didn't find anything specific. 


I'm looking for advice on how best to manage Rfactor and all the associated mods. I have downloaded several of the UK dirt mods to test them out offline and everything seems to be working. However, I have noticed that with say the SSC mod installed, all I can do within Rfactor is use that Mod. There doesn't appear to be a simple way to go back to the rfactor stock content or a different mod without re-installing it. 


How do people best manage using rfactor and mods? Do you have to uninstall/delete associated mods before you can go back to using rfactor as originally installed? It feels like there must be a better way... 


Sorry if I'm missing something obvious! I'm very new to this, any help will be much appreciated!! 


Thanks in advance. 


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