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  1. hi mate  im thinking about coming back to ukdirt  whats changed and what do i need to do  


    cheers gogs 

  2. hi guys i used to done online racing yeas ago and have lost my installations of the game would someone be able to install it for me please thanks gogs
  3. thanks will try to remember how to reinstall everything lol gogs
  4. hi guys , ive been giving this a long thought as was wondering if this is a good time to return probably to race f2 and f1 if there still racing in uk dirt cheers gogs
  5. happy birthday big chap have a gd day
  6. that was real funny cabs lol , gogs
  7. thanks guys right wrist broken in 3 places docs still havent ruled out plates and screws being inserted and left wrist chipped a bone hence left hand typing lol.. theres one good thing i wont be getting in the road while ur all racin but do miss it lol thanks once a again guys gogs
  8. happy birthday guys have a gd one gogs
  9. happy birthday guys too many to mention but a special mention to the thunder down under (albz) woohooo a mile stone @ 50 gogs
  10. happy birthday guys hope its been a gd day for u all gogs
  11. got this of fozz ive watched it so many times it just gets more and more funny http://www.comparethemeerkat.com/tv-ad.html gogs
  12. ive been waiting for 6 onths on u doing a skin for me they will be outta date by the time there finished lol ok son on ye go (dad) gogs
  13. i am thinking of coming back to race f1s 9 lol make the numbers up more like) i was wondering if any kind hearted skin painter would do me a tar and shale car p.m me or im usually on msn mondeo110@hotmail.com cheer gogs
  14. just like to wish dave329 and tracey47 all the best for there wedding this saturday , see you on friday for the pre wedding celebrations gogs
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