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  1. I’d like a more go round a corner f2 rather than drifting I’d say it will be an extreme and radical and fresh change to the f2 mod should close the gap between everybody needs to be more like the superstoxs but a bit more aggressive with the tightness of how it goes round the corner Hoping changes can be made as I’d quite like to make a return
  2. umm didnt follow either of you in pushed you both out wide neither was it ott i do like that you highlight names recently hgr but your little buddy never gets mentioned from you oh wait cos he dont do stuff to you but hes getting his punishment for now also add that i didnt see the point of you trying to wreck me on the last lap of the final and just settle for you points you were getting if i was drifting you would have ruined my race but cos i couldnt drift it i got lucky
  3. im sure dan was refering to your black screening due to a windows update that you seem to get during meetings you were asked to sort it by jake i believe and in all fairness to others and prevent from ruining others races should have probably left then i believe you crashed and damaged harrold gridding up cos you had said computer lagged sure dan will swing in to clear up the confusion dissapointing night cant trust a handful of other racers with begs the question why bother
  4. hell of a debut shame we werent told of this as we would have been there to take the p155 will be on the look out for a health and safety high viz glove for ya
  5. well sat night i carried out 10 laps of the budwiser international raceway and managed to get up and do a 5 mile run but dropped a valve outside mcdonalds and had to limp the mile home in the dark ive a good feeling that ash is guna make up for what has seemed a quiet 21st the other week but lets not count out birthday boy to be havimg said that the other danger men cb and lundy can turn out an impressive displays so all in all its guna be awsome BUT is mr chambers and his pack up traveling up for the annual get together thats the question
  6. all in teamspeak could have resolved any issues here praise jake for suggesting we should all be in teamspeak
  7. I don't really wanna be hearing older men down the line though I'd rather be talking to irl mates i dont wana be on a teamspeak with little children who think they know all but im prepared to sit in chat for the sakes of clarity during meetings
  8. everybody in teamspeak aint a bad shout think that would be good idea
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