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  1. Am I ok to race using a template if I can't get a skin?
  2. Hi, i'm looking to race again after a few years away and need a RCE skin for my F2 and Randall shale skin if anyone can help. Thanks,
  3. I'd like at some point to paint my own skins, but not really there yet. I know its a bit of an ask but would anyone be free to make a skin for me? I'd be looking for a RCE f2 skin if possible. Thanks in advance.
  4. I registered today as #876. Any chance I can change it to number#71?
  5. Can anyone paint me a skin for a RCE F2. I'd appreciate it very much.
  6. I tried making a skin using the RCE template, given it up as a bad joke. I have the skin painting skills of a gnat. Anyone wanna help a daftie?!
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