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  1. Due to some issues with some of the cars, I've repacked the mod with all the fixes. Check out the link below. This will be a required download for Monday. F2 Stockcars V5.5 Released. Updated from V5.4
  2. F2 Stockcars V5.4 is now available to download! This includes the latest RCE model as well as a host of upgrades for earlier vehicles. All of this work has once again been completed by Dane Bell. Many thanks once again to Dane for all his hard work on the F2 mod. Downloads available from the website! F2 Stockcars V5.4
  3. NZ Templates Here
  4. until
    The third meeting of the Winter Series... The Christmas Cracker at Wanganui!
  5. It's a hosted session so no licence requirement.
  6. Short Track Special 3: Return of the Short Track For any iRacers here, We are running this on Sunday for Week 13 in association with UKDirt. League forum link is http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/3625436.page Date = Sunday 9th December Cars = Toyota Tundra, Chevrolet Silverado Track = USA International (Night) *Race Day Schedule* Practice 20:00 Qualifying 20:50 (2 laps / 10mins) Race start 21:00 (150 laps)
  7. Hi Steve, For installing and practicing offline on your own etc, all the stuff you need for rFactor modwise is on the UKSOM website. There's an install guide on there as well. UKSOM For racing here at UKDirt, you will need to join and become a member. All the info you need for that is on our website on joining. There also install guides and downloads on there as well. Once you're registered and a member, you are ready to go really. UKDIRT For a skin, you'll need to ask on our skin painting section and see if anyone can paint you one if you don't have the means yourself. Once you have one, it's a simple matter of uploading for a skinpack when they are due.
  8. Due to an issue with track grip on the inside, We have repacked the installer. If you have downloaded the installer prior to this post, You will need to download and install again from the link as above. Thanks to the members for pointing out the error!
  9. Hi, An updated version of Buxton is now available on the UKDirt website and is required for tomorrow's meeting. This version removes the kerbing for both the regular version and reverse. Many thanks to madcowie and madcowie productions for permission to edit the track! Download is available HERE
  10. After two excellent meetings now, I think it's fair to say that UKDirt Bangers are definitely back! Good action on track, Big hits, great atmosphere in Discord chat and plenty of racing. Definitely recommended if anyone fancies a go and has Wreckfest.
  11. Not an F2 regular so struggled big time, but a good meeting. Nice to see the real stuff getting used. Thanks Stumps and Wardieeee for a great meeting.
  12. Last years please for me. *ADDED*
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