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Found 1 result

  1. We are now collecting skins for the 1st skinpack of the 2020 season, please read all of the below: A FEW SIMPLE RULES PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL OF THIS POST BEFORE SENDING ANY FILES 1: NUMBERS - numbers must be BLACK ON WHITE the white outline MUST be big enough to make the BLACK stand out (no fancy inlay colours please) 2: SAVING - YOU MUST SAVE ALL F2 FILES IN DXT1 NOT DXT5 3: FILE NAMES - please name your car files based on these templates: main file/veh - 20UKD238_KaneT for tar and 20UKD238_KaneS for shale (your name and number not mine!!) other files - use the above but just add the grade colour to the end ie 20UKD238_KaneTred or 20UKD238_KaneTyellow etc... If you are unsure of veh files leave them to me as its easier for me that way but please state what chassis and surface for each car. 4: SENDING IN FILES - PLEASE SEND IN YOUR FILES VIA THE UPLOAD TOOL ON THE WEBSITE OR UPLOAD TO THIS THREAD. DO NOT PM ME! 5: RE-USING OLD SKINS - If you wish to re-use your skin from the 2019 season, let me know on this thread please and i will add them to the pack 6: ROOF GRADES - roof grades are red, blue, yellow and white, no brown, purple or green wings will be excepted! I think you will find these are very simple rules but many seem to struggle with them, if I have to go through and fix skins to fit these rules myself I can not promise the results will be pretty - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Any questions regarding any of the above please PM Kane238 and ask BEFORE sending your skins in DEADLINE FOR THIS PACK IS MIDNIGHT 29TH FEBRUARY Skins received so far: 1/238 6 17 39 69 80 83 92 94 100 107 111 112 114 122 127 (Tarmac) 143 144 145 146 147 184 200 211 221 229 259 274 299 348 363 447 454 468 479 482 492 504 589 606 615 621 627 653 691 712 716 777 822 846 889 911 924 927 981
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