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Although the UKDirt website is back up and generally working there are still a few things being worked on. At this present time new members are unable to register a number for any of the formulas and currently no members are able to Book In for a meeting. These will all be fixed in due time before the season starts.


In the mean time though, if you are a new member and want to register a number for a formula(s) then please PM me on this forum stating your UKDirt nickname, which formula you want to register for and which number. As long as the number you require if currently available in the said formula you will be allocated this number manually.


Also, as you may or may not have found every member must set a new password on the website....

- Attempt to login as per usual

- Use the password reset tool (link just above the image)

- Go to your emails

- Click to reset the password within the email off UKDirt Admin

- Open up the next E-Mail and write down your new password

- Login on the website with your new password

- Go to Member Options > Change Password on the website

- Make yourself a new password


If anyone else find any other issues then please do let us know via PM please.

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