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2019 Membership - FREE FREE FREE

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The membership year runs from 1st March to 28th February each year.


Over the last few years we have seen a slow decline in participation here at UKDirt and the General Admin team have had to think long and hard about the long term future of UKDirt. The primary objectives are to get the fun factor back into the league and to get more drivers in all mods racing in 2019. 

We have agreed, that for the first time since the initial days of UKDirt DTRSC, the league will be FREE to join and race for the 2019 season.


We have just upgraded to a new higher specification dedicated race server which should be one of the best rFactor and Wreckfest race servers.  
Obviously with no fees being generated for 2019 this may shorten the length of time UKDirt can continue to run in its current state but we feel this is the best step to hopefully build the league back. Whether this offer will also be for the 2020 season is yet to be determined and due to costs it 'might' mean we return to an annual fee for 2020 but only time will tell.


This offer is only open to those who are not on a current UKDirt Life Time Ban. Everyone else is welcome to join.


To join you will simply need to create an account on www.ukdirt.co.uk and PM Counter or Leek to request your account to be updated to paid member status and get full access to our rFactor and Wreckfest servers. All previously paid members will have there membership status extended to 28th February 2020.


Anyone who wishes to help with the running costs of UKDirt is more than welcome to do so by way of a donation. 

Our preferred method for donations is PAYPAL to sales@ukdirt.co.uk stating your Nickname and using "friends or family" as that will help keep the fees down.

The General Admin Team hope this will help improve the numbers regularly racing and improve the overall fun and enjoyment for all.



Social Links:-

UKDirt Facebook Page

UKDirt Youtube Channel

UKDirt Twitch Channel

UKDirt Discord Channel

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Some extra information following some questions:


If you have previously been a paid member, your account status will be updated to full membership before the start of the season (hopefully in next 2 - 3 weeks).


You only need to contact Counter or Leek to update your membership if you have never been a paid up member or if you can no longer access your account as you have changed email address. If you have the same email address, you will be able to change/reset your password. This will enable you to keep your old race numbers, if you register a new account, your race numbers will show as unavailable.



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