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UKDirt F1 2019 Skinpack 04 Collection

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Skinpack Deadline: 24/04/19 7pm


Please send the skins via the upload page on the website or on this thread.


- Novice skins will not be permitted in championship races.

- Novice cars are available for any member without their own custom skin (but these are not for extended periods of use).

- Chassis use is surface dependent:

- Tarmac cars: EliteT, FaldingT, flcsT, flt, fwjT, LundT, MurrayT, smithT, smithX, WainmanT, WainmanX, YarrowT.

- Shale cars: EliteS, FaldingS, flcs, LundS, MurrayS, SmithS, StuS, WainmanS, YarrowS.

- Members are asked to submit their own custom skins to race for the season (paint your own, or use the Skin Painting section on the UKDirt Forum to make a request).

- Members should submit skins (tarmac and shale) of all (white, yellow, blue, red) roof grades, these should all use the same base car design (tarmac and shale may differ).

- There is a skin painting and saving/converting guide on the UKDirt website, additional further recommendations are available on the UKSOM website.

- Rules relating to signs and appearance:

- The roof grade on each skin should be clear, and not in doubt.

- No swearing, obscene images or any other paint/signs intended to cause dispute/offence.

- Correct upgrades (to match painted skin) should be used (e.g. roof type, bonnet upgrades, etc).

- Superstar lights should only be used by superstars.

- Members are permitted to change chassis once on each surface during the course of the season.

- Members without correctly graded skins will be required to start at the back, a grade gap behind the superstars.

- Skins will only be released in official UKDirt F1 skinpack installation files.

- It should go without saying, but it is not acceptable to “rip-off” skins or signs that others have painted… issues of this nature will be dealt with by disciplinary process.


Just a reminder. F1 skins are available by request on the link below.


Skins Received:


20 MilanSonnemans

500 Allstar

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21 minutes ago, Benchambers800 said:

Are skins from a few years ago still knocking about by any chance?

Yes I've got from 2010 

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Just a reminder that the 1st meeting after this skinpack is the Dutch Championship. People still using novice skins will not be eligible to race in the championship race. 

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