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  1. 712 upload on ukdirt site ** Received **
  2. Pc 4 sale Window 7 CiT Xecutioner Mesh Gaming Case Asus Motherboard Amd 965 3.4mhz cpu 240gb SSD Kingston X 2x4gb Ram Nvidia Gtx 1050 4Gb or AMD Radeon HD780 2Gb Samsung monitor(small) saitek led keyboard Plays Rfactor and wreckfest on this setup and won a championship on wreckfest £250 if sold with Gtx 1050 £200 if sold with Amd HD 7870
  3. unbook me please, good luck all in the world final and next time my Friends
  4. just tried Windows 7 compatibility mode and still doing it ta
  5. on winodws 10..... game is slow to stat up.... it like freezes when you leave server or restarts weekend i have reinstalled it and makes no difference at all same pc ran it on windows 7 years ago anyone ??
  6. Erinn 712 booking out, she not sure where to unbook
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