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  1. unbook me please, good luck all in the world final and next time my Friends
  2. just tried Windows 7 compatibility mode and still doing it ta
  3. on winodws 10..... game is slow to stat up.... it like freezes when you leave server or restarts weekend i have reinstalled it and makes no difference at all same pc ran it on windows 7 years ago anyone ??
  4. Erinn 712 booking out, she not sure where to unbook
  5. Sorry for any hold ups tonight but rfactor game was playing up and thinking its reinstall time thanks for meeting tho
  6. thanks for meeting, Sorry if aye tapped anyone form lap down but wasnt meant. cyas next week 601 grade player
  7. booking Erinn Mailer 712 out please Peter Mailer 212 yellow
  8. thanks for meeting as it been a very long time since i raced f1 a few good battles aswell
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