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  1. Comes free with my playseat and T500RS
  2. Gutted not to be a part of it... My favourite track, I even spent a fortune going down myself at the weekend Imagine how gutted I am..... All the hours I've spent waiting for people who we're late and I get shot down for 10 minutes Just goes to show the level of respect I've gained ay! The end.
  3. Wardieee 180 Superstar
  4. Excellent nights racing all round! Also nice to see some of the lower grades running away and scoring good points! Hopefully everyone else enjoyed and appreciated a mostly clean fair evening of racing! 3 British titles in a row, to think 3 years ago I had only ever held 1 title (Irish) and even that isn’t a major! Completely overwhelmed.
  5. Please post below for any late bookings/cancellations State Name Grade Number Bookings close at 7.30 any bookings after this may be refused
  6. Thanks for the meeting folks! WD Dan
  7. Congratulations on your welcome back to battlefield round Dan, I will have to make sure I’m around this week to try and give you some competition hahah! Massive well done to fake wardy, I know it’s not a proper major title but I won that thing about 3 times in F2s and look at me now 🤣 Also it’ll be nice or see you at Superstar with us HGR, no doubt still give us a run for our money from the back
  8. Nice start to the season, lots of good clean racing apart from the final where I was very much on the receiving end Ill let it slip this once though Dont forget to Bookin for Ringwood folks! Not the kind of track the F2s usually visit so it should defiantly give us a nice level playing field and some more excellent racing!
  9. Late bookings and cancellations in here please folks! Please state: Name: Number: Grade: Anyone booking in after 7:30pm MAY have their booking refused
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