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  1. UKSOM are proud to announce the release of V5.6 of the F2 Stockcar mod! This includes the latest Polley Shale Car model as well as new upgrades for the TLF Shale car. All of this work has once again been completed by Dane Bell. Many thanks once again to Dane for all his hard work on the F2 mod. It really is appreciated! There are also new real life skins from Dane Bell, Raymond Henderson, Jamie Ward-Scott, Matthew Hutchison and Gordon McDougall. Many thanks to all the skin painters, these really are game quality skins so check them out! uksom.co.uk/F2Stockcars
  2. Please note *Polley Cars will not be accepted into this skinpack to allow ample time for painters to paint them*
  3. Great nights racing, thanks for the meeting LeeK & team
  4. Wardieee (The Cheat) 180 S/S (Yellow?)
  5. Comes free with my playseat and T500RS
  6. Gutted not to be a part of it... My favourite track, I even spent a fortune going down myself at the weekend Imagine how gutted I am..... All the hours I've spent waiting for people who we're late and I get shot down for 10 minutes Just goes to show the level of respect I've gained ay! The end.
  7. Wardieee 180 Superstar
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