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  1. Ive got a Fanatec CSL Elite wheel and pedal set for sale + plus a McLaren GT3 Wheel Rim if you want it Wheel is very good, only for sale as I dont get the use out of it, only a year old, McLaren wheel has only been used a handful of times I also have a Black Playseat for Sale had it for about 3 years PM me for any info (WORKS ON PC, XBOX ONE, AND PS4) will do a deal for the whole set, I have all the original boxes they came in aswell Can be taken to a race meeting or collected if you'd prefer...…….
  2. UKD146_CrashleyTar.zipUKD146_CrashleyShale.zip ** Received **
  3. New Tar Car there shale car to come 346wainX.zip
  4. Nickname: Crashley Number: 2 Grade: Red Real Life Driver: Paul Harrison 2
  5. Can we have a f1 server up at Northampton with real life cars please?
  6. sorry james cant race now..... sorry for messing you about....
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