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  1. Think I'll have a bit of time off n practice, before I do another meet
  2. bryan did u get chance to make the 288 numbers please?
  3. im trying to upload my skins but struggling to convert and also if I try and post it says file is to big
  4. is anyone able to paint me some f2 skins based on pics I have ov my old f2 please?
  5. hi mate,

    im looking to have some f2 skins painted like my old f2 I have good pics I can send would you be available to paint them?




    1. Toff244


      Hi Mate,


      I don't have any involvement with the F2s I haven't even got the mod installed. Sorry.

  6. every time I connect to the practice server I get booted to rfactor main screen are you using Birmingham v2?
  7. hi leek can you book me out please tried joining server my skins are not in pack I did send on upload tool and it keeps kicking me out
  8. they are spot on any chance of doing 288 in that please, horizontal and vertical if you don't mind
  9. Evening guys, Is anyone available to paint my F2s Please I can provide pics of what I want tar car on RCE2 and shale on Higman with shale wing plz
  10. Nickname: Ironmac Number: 288 Grade: yellow? Real life driver: 189 Stu heppenstall
  11. Hi can anyone help me ive been trying to make a number sheet for these numbers but cant for the life of me get them correct, only really need 24890 making but may aswell have a whole set if anyone can please. Many thanks
  12. Also does anyone have by a long shot any of my skins from years past looking for the blue tar in my profile pics from 2007 ish I reckon could be later I no its a massive long shot
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