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  1. Nickname: Marten Number: 291 Grade: Blue (UKDirt F1) Real Life Driver: 291 - Dan Squire
  2. Nickname: Marten291 Number: 291 Grade: Blue (UKDirt F1) Real Life Driver: Mall Brown #34
  3. More damage in the ones More night time racing I understand this might be way to much work but as this a suggestion thread i'll say it anyway. Make fences of the track slow cars down more (some tracks already have this i think) I think more damage on cars , and fences that actually hinder (in stead of just wallriding around and flat out hit the next bend) you might over time stop some of the OTT that sometimes go on. Personally i would like the meetings to start half an hour earlier, as it would allow me to do more meeting in the F2 aswell. With time time difference it can get quite late sometimes, and with an early start each morning it's just to much. As for the nz's. I've seen some suggestions to ban the team race element (blocking) of it. I personally think this would be a shame as it's such a big part of nz racing. I do however understand that somebody who's constantly doing it might get a bit boring. So maybe restrict the blocking to meeting finales only? And plan the World Final a week after the real one please
  4. Just to let the reserves and admins know. Marten291 Tsjalle229 Frans 454 Wont be able to race this meeting, due to traveling for the rl world final.
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