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UKDirt’s 12 Days of Christmas

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UKDirt's 12 Days of Christmas Announcement


Before I announce the Results of the UKDirt 12 Days of Christmas, I would just like to thank a few people on UKDirt's behalf...


lloydy89 - (Lloyd Photography) for providing 3 amazing prizes

Grasser233 / Wardieee - (UKSom) for providing both DVD's

217 / 512 / 846 - for signing the photographs and of course UKDirt themselves for providing both memberships!



Draw 1 - One Years Free Membership (Thomas Knapton)

Draw 2 - One Years Free Membership (Ben Chambers)

Draw 3 – F1 European Championship DVD (Jake Cameron)

Draw 4 – F1 British Championship DVD (Jack Ward)

Draw 5 – Signed photo of F1 217 Lee Fairhurst (Daniel Beckett)

Draw 6 – Signed photo of F1 512 Michael Steward (Kane Morgan)

Draw 7 – Signed photo of F2 846 Ashley England (Harry Graham)


Winners should PM (Wardieee) on the UKDirt forum ASAP to claim their prize!


Congratulations to everyone who has managed to win a prize!



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