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  1. What a difficult track whas this for me.. pff.. not have the speed today… aya sowhat. WD Tjalle! youre pase whas fantastic. thanks admins for the meeting see u next week
  2. if got rfactor on steam.. so i put it there in the location folder in gamedata.. where all the tracks are
  3. hello lads.. today i install the balle vue track for the common f2 meeting... now i want to go to the track on the server i get this error: Error opening MAS file BELLEVUE.MAS what is this and can someone help me? greets Brian
  4. Name: BrianB Number: 10 Grade: white booking out
  5. Stoke.. Always a hell strack! but had fun today! see u next week cheers to the admins!
  6. The new version of my shale car.. hope can use it F1 Shale Car 2019.rar
  7. Hello! i updated my F1 Tarmac Skin. F1 Tarmac 2019.rar
  8. BrianB

    Panel lines

    Hello, Can someone explain this with photo's for me please ?
  9. Here Are My F1 skins for 2019! Have Fun all!! Maybe i will change it through the season Really have fun with skin making this season. cheers!! F1 Shale Car 2019.rar F1 Tarmac Car 2019.rar
  10. If change mij number to 10.. so i wil uploade new skins
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