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  1. http://startrax.info/News/2019/08/Sunday-25th-AUGUST-POSTPONED-
  2. Check when you go to vehicles there is a game data folder because they are put in that folder by default. If in that folder move into vehicles with the base game cars. For the Hot Rods all models will have to be taken out of NHR folder
  3. Bookings Saturday 10th August: BriSCA F1 2 Paul Harrison SEMI FINALIST 5 Charlie Sworder 11 Neil Scriven 16 Mat Newson 22 Will Yarrow SEMI FINALIST 24 Mark Adkins 25 Bradley Harrison SEMI FINALIST 34 Mal Brown SEMI FINALIST 37 Chris Cowley SEMI FINALIST 43 Adam Bamford 48 Shaun Webster 55 Craig Finnikin SEMI FINALIST 70 Aaron Leach SEMI FINALIST 93 Sam Makim 101 Tristan Jackson 137 Sam Jacklin SEMI FINALIST 150 Mick Sworder SEMI FINALIST 164 John Fortune 166 Bobby Griffin SEMI FINALIST 172 Micky Randell SEMI FINALIST 175 Karl Hawkins SEMI FINALIST 180 Courtney Witts SEMI FINALIST 197 Ryan Harrison SEMI FINALIST 211 Phoebe Wainman 212 Danny Wainman SEMI FINALIST 216 Jack France SEMI FINALIST 220 William Hunter SEMI FINALIST 259 Paul Hines SEMI FINALIST 278 Paul Hopkins SEMI FINALIST 300 Paul Carter 301 Mark Allen 326 Mark Sargent SEMI FINALIST 335 Mark Woodhull SEMI FINALIST 345 Jake Harrhy SEMI FINALIST 346 Ashley England 422 Ben Riley 501 George Elwell 512 Michael Steward 515 Frankie Wainman SEMI FINALIST 555 Frankie Wainman Jnr Jnr SEMI FINALIST BriSCA V8s 8 Catherine Harris 26 Hayley Williams 63 Dave Sharp 69 Matt Barnard 77 Rudi Coleano 125 Nathan Lee 131 Kev Stuchbury 137 Sam Jacklin 146 Grant Leather 154 Sophie Maynard 173 Ashley Pursey 174 Richard Pursey 176 Stephen Young 187 Craig Smith 288 Jon Brown 298 Tom Spencer 324 Shaun Bowman 344 Richard Smith 355 Bryan Andrew 366 Dave Dorans 379 Jonny Atkin 402 James Billows 438 Craig Kellett 439 Jay Kellett 466 Jacob Downey 485 Steve Thompson 498 Olly Spencer 507 Luke Smith 508 Alex Strachan 525 Amy Jagger 552 Declan Gwin 553 Dannie Schoales Hot Fords 9 Matt Winterburn 10 Lewis Thompson 14 Luke Pepper 19 Luke Cowley 48 Gary Ball 76 Richard Pearce 77 Lee Etches 122 Martin Maguire 420 Arron White 483 Richard Handy 806 Ian Whittaker 926 Gary Flynn
  4. SPECTACULAR Tuesday 6th August from 7.pm - Pre race entertainment from 6.15.pm with BriSCA Micro F2s BOOKINGS OPEN - ALL WELCOME - Entry lists as at 2.pm 26th July - PLEASE for programme inclusion, can you book in by 8.pm Monday 29th July 1600cc Bangers - 14 007 Dave Ramsey 16 Dylan Cross 19 Joe Franklin 35 Rhys Benson 42 Greg Brunt 123 Paul Manning 132 Connor Danndo 181 Jordan Cadman 204 Travis Dring 290 Jonathan Harrison 292 Paul Davies 522 Peter Summer (Day Licence) 653 Louis Wells 711 Charles Harrison BriSCA F2 - 27 26 Gary Ford 55 Courtney Finnikin 57 Scott Boddily 59 Lee Dimmick 130 Emma Louise Ford 136 Kyle Taylor 142 Jonathan Hadfield 148 Andy Robinson 182 Jack White 186 Alex Daniels 188 Aaron Patch 210 Tristan Claydon 219 Chris Mitchell 282 Ant Riley 289 James Whittaker 363 Jack Sherratt 377 Daz Shaw 524 Michael Wallbank 606 Andrew Palmer 693 Martin Hinchcliffe 728 Carl Pilkington 735 Mick Haworth 755 Stuart Simpson 768 Jack Thompson 770 Jay Lamb 788 Stephen Mallinson 942 Gareth Hamer 995 Michael Lund Early Junior Banger list- 20 14 Will Walmsley Jnr 29 Sean Mawdsley 44 Morgan Joyce 90 Joey Holmes Jnr 112 Coby Jay Prestage 168 Ralph Fitton 171 Jake Scholes 192 Josh Rice 211 Kai Newby 216 George Hall 239 Mollie Taylor 310 Harvey 448 Lexie Genders 450 Blake Platts 546 Lachlan Horlacher 610 Alex McBain 622 Harvey Webb 710 Cameron McBain 800 Jacob Rushton 928 Mason Dodd Startrax Hot Rods - 15 CH 17 Joseph Frankland 122 Lee Waddington SS 99 Daniel Davies 43 Stuart Bert Bromley Red 101 Phill Tbone Mitchell 213 Carl Little 19 Shane King Blue 100 Andy Mitchell 77 Jim Fletcher 57 Mark Webster 81 Kris Millar 214 Neil MCconnell Yellow 199 Craig Davies 42 Alex Evans 40 Neil Hayes Micro F2 to follow
  5. BenS

    2020 World

    People are speculating over the venue. In the programme at Belle Vue it was said due to parking Hednesford could not hold it. People have now started say Owlerton but again not enough parking is a problem , the stadium capacity is now less than what Wimbledon was just before it closed so it would have to be advanced ticket only. Northampton in it's current shale state probably couldn't survive three consecutive days of racing. Ipswich last time got a small crowd probably mainly their local fans. Birmingham has a bad location and not enough terracing or parking. So to me it down to three Kings Lynn , Stoke & Cowdenbeath. Cowdenbeath is a track Startrax have used before and has the pit space and crowd capacity to hold the World. The Masters would most likely be at Lochgelly on Sunday. Stoke has the pit space and space for a grandstand on the back straight (no trackside parking) for parking they would need to have an agreement with the country park next door a bit like Hednesford. Kings Lynn has held several World in the past both with Trackstar & Buxton. Tracks not mentioned Buxton (set to have it in 2021) Belle Vue (uncertain future) Coventry (It's gone accept it) Mildenhall (Track too small) Skegness (Most likely will want date for domestic racing)
  6. F2 Additions 722 Paul Broach Northern Ireland 747 Bradley McKinstry Sunday : Street Bangers replace Unlimited Bangers
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