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  1. We are now collecting skins for the 2nd skinpack of the 2019 season, please read all of the below: A FEW SIMPLE RULES PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL OF THIS POST BEFORE SENDING ANY FILES 1: NUMBERS - numbers must be BLACK ON WHITE the white outline MUST be big enough to make the BLACK stand out (no fancy inlay colours please) 2: SAVING - YOU MUST SAVE ALL F2 FILES IN DXT1 NOT DXT5 3: FILE NAMES - please name your car files based on these templates: main file/veh - 19UKD671_BryanT for tar and 19UKD671_BryanS for shale (your name and number not mine!!) other files - use the above but just add the grade colour to the end ie 19UKD671_BryanTred or 19UKD671_BryanTyellow etc if you are unsure of veh files leave them to me as its easier for me that way 4: SENDING IN FILES - PLEASE SEND IN YOUR FILES VIA THE UPLOAD TOOL ON THE WEBSITE. DO NOT ATTACH TO THIS POST 5: ROOF GRADES - roof grades are red, blue, yellow and white, no brown, purple or green wings will be excepted! i think you will find these are very simple rules but many seem to struggle with them, if i have to go through and fix skins to fit these rules myself i can not promise the results will be pretty - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED any questions regarding any of the above please PM me and ask BEFORE sending your skins in DEADLINE FOR THIS PACK IS MIDNIGHT 29th MARCH Skins received so far: 288 Mark Covington (both)
  2. Updated from crimond 131 Warning/1DP 628 Warning 366 Warning 114 Warning H10 Warning H589 2DP
  3. Updated from birmingham 131 warning
  4. Update from Kings Lynn 454 warning 114 2dp
  5. you book in on the main website not here.
  6. Get booked in now via website http://www.ukdirt.co.uk/
  7. up to blue 911 ColeMcfall 211 EmielDeJong 131 Rutger 228 Sierd
  8. Please post any late bookings or cancellations on this thread State Your name Your grade Your number Bookings close at 8pm
  9. Skinpack 1 is now available above, Please make sure you have this installed for Tonights meeting at Kings Lnny
  10. All 2019 skinpacks will be posted in here, please install them in order, please make sure you delete the 2018 packs before you add these. >>2019 PACK 1<< this pack will be on the server shortly
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