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  1. Have a new computer now and thinking of racing again. Just tried downloading the ssc mod, as Wednesdays is predominantly the night i will be free, but it says its only available to paid members is there any way i can get the mod without signing up so i can practice
  2. Hi I am gonna be joining again soon and was just wondering if someone could recover my old skins and put them in to the new skin packs when they are next updated. I think they were in last years skins, I don't have the files as someone else painted my cars for me. Many thanks in advance
  3. http://webchat.chat4all.net/ chat is on here details are on the website to join the chat
  4. fyi reece i have apologised to wardiee as it was a genuine mistake sorry we are not all perfect
  5. please use last years for both shale and tar pls This is how the roof should be painted although if you wish you can have your grade down the pillers on the car. This is how the main files should be named. This is how the files in the skins folder should be named Skins received so far: Cheers, James
  6. Gonna have to book out sorry still haven't sorted a wheel out
  7. What sort of money are you looking at for this pls
  8. I have just come to have a quick practice before the new season and come across a problem I cannot find my steering wheel power supply it's an old thrust master Ferrari wheel has anyone got either a power supply or a cheap wheel for sale so I can race.
  9. same as last year for all my skins pls
  10. neal smith 657 kitson 758 don witherall white
  11. Don Witherall Yellow 758 Booking out pls
  12. Cheers just lucky to get the break in the final reckon anyone of about six of us could have won it with the pace in practice, v fine margins
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