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  1. Good meeting I thought the driving standards were pretty good last night. Had a totally relaxed attitude to it last night and made a difference to me. After 2 or 3 years away I thought it went pretty well
  2. Well I lasted all of 4 corners before I fell off the edge of the world! Lol Must say what a disappointment dirt rally has become, still just the 3 rallycross tracks and they have the Base for at least 2 more tracks via the F1 series. No ds3 rally car but a rallycross version. Outdated Fiesta yet the rallycross has the current version.
  3. updated Tar car ... it will get used i promise 188_tar_f2.zip
  4. Enjoyed last night, not the fastest by any means but I must still have a good bit of race craft to get a 2nd in the final. Seemed to be stuck to 981 all night but that's fine with me as he's a good racer. I still can't figure out how I come worse off when I hit someone so I will not bother Probably won't bother next week with it being tarmac so see you all in 2 weeks
  5. all sorted now ta. Monitor broke so had to wait till i could hook it up to the tv
  6. Hi can someone help me with mildenhall as the download seems not to be working. says invalid file data for me thanks
  7. Lol Stumpy ex pat indeed. Only had really 2 good races but all was enjoyed. Hope to do a few more maybe just shale cause I can't figure the tarmac cars out at all. Nice to win a final in my 10th year
  8. My shale car 188_skins_shale.zip
  9. Not sure if my skins are in the pack or not if not can you add my skins from last year please
  10. Any one up for it on Wednesday? I'm easy on time so let's work out what's best and if it goes ahead I will start a pick a car thing later.
  11. Tuesday would be better for more as its quiz night on fridays lol
  12. I agree with that grass i cant get on with the ds3 nor the polo. The fiesta is the one for me. Seems there is a bit of intrest when would people like to have a go?
  13. Would anyone be intrested in a session of Rallycross we can do all 3 formulas using the 3 different tracks. Not sure if the multiplayer is easy to set up as ive never done it nor looked at it before. On PC of course Lets see if theres intrest and go from there
  14. Gutted i missed it but just didnt get home in time the m6 was a nightmare! See you all next week
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